Type of Hypoplasia due to fluoride, and was first described by G.V Black & Frederick S McKay

If drinking water contains fluoride content more than 1 p.p.m at the time of amelogenesis,it can cause death of ameloblasts so it leads to defective matrix formation

It may also result in disturbances in calcification.Enamel affected is termed mottled enamel

In mild cases, white flecks appear in enamel

Moderate degree of fluoride toxicity may lead to opaque areas in enamel

In more severe cases, brown discolouration of enamel occurs

Still more severe toxicity of fluoride causes corroded crown surface


Defluoridation of drinking water is done if drinking water contains excessive fluoride content

The staining of enamel surface can be removed by bleaching with hydrogen peroxide (30% solution), grinding or capping


1.Concentration range above which leads to Mottled enamel is ?

A. >2 ppm

B. >1.5 ppm

C. >1 ppm

D. >3 ppm

2.Causes for Enamel hypoplasia is ?

A.Disturbances in calcification

B.Moderate degree of fluoride toxicity

C.Both A and B

D.Only A

3.Mottled enamel was first described by ?

A.Edward Hartley Angle & Brearley

B.G.V Black & Frederick S McKay

C.Robert Bunon

D.Robert Gorlin

1.C 2.C 3.B

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